Its name derives from the name of the Amazon River in Brazil.

It's called the "Stone of Authenticity".

 Strengthens authenticity, and the daring to go with the inner truth and express it, even if it differs from conventional and accepted opinions.

 It has a wonderful ability to merge two different things that actually express two ends of the same thing.

Connects to high places that lead us on the right path to fulfilling our destiny, even when this way does not fit in with the norm and accepted.

Helps soothe restlessness and negative energies that accompany coping with challenges, while instilling feelings of optimism and strengthening self-esteem and joy of life.

 It strengthens the user's ability to follow his true sexual orientation, whether she is of the opposite sex or the same sex.

Functions as a preventive skin when you feel that a disease is "brewing" in the body. Good for balancing metabolism. Encourages calcium balance in the body.