One of the stones of the Breastplate of the High Priest, emerald is identified with the tribe of Levi.

This is one of the most precious of gems. The first mention of it dates back to ancient Egypt, some 3500 years ago. It's also thought to be the stone from which the Holy Grail is made.

Emerald is active on the heart chakra, and considered a stone that brings luck and abundance. In ancient Rome it was a symbol of fertility.

It resonates purity, inner cleansing and truth, and strengthens motivation and courage to follow your heart.

Emerald strengthens intimacy, inspires love and compassion, and brings harmony to relationships. It is a popular wedding gift or may be a piece of jewelry that partners give each other. It helps maintain a long-term relationship.

Emerald also cleanses and strengthens the internal organs used to cleanse blood (liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys). It can be placed on tired eyes to refresh them. It may also help diabetics.