The pearl is a symbol of purity.

For years there was a belief that the pearls at sea were the tears of the angels who had fallen into the depths of the sea. for the sins of man.

The pearl is considered the queen of gemstones and symbolizes classic and elegant so pearls were in great demand among royal and aristocratic families

The difference between the pearl and the rest of the gemstones is that it is not considered a mineral but an organic material.

The pearl symbolizes inner peace and tranquility, so it is excellent against anger.

Pearls has the ability to help us receive love. They enhance inner integrity and encourage loyalty, truth, faith and purity.

The origin of the pearl is in the water that symbolizes most of all the energy of life. Therefore, the pearl has the ability to transmit special feminine healing energy.

Since it symbolizes purity, it helps increase trust between people. It opens channels for spiritual guidance and helps grow and develop emotionally.

Improves the gynecological system and helps in difficult situations of birth or menstruation as it balances the hormonal system.