The moonstone is identified with lunar energy, which represents feminine energy.

Moonstone brings one gentleness, delicacy and harmony.  It symbolizes cyclicality, birth and renewal, and serenity.  Its energy works slowly and in coordination and harmony with the readiness of its user. It strengthens romance and couplehood, and in many cultures is given as a wedding present.  It is beneficial to people who are far from their homes, and protects them from danger.

Moonstone encourages one to develop his/her intuitive abilities and is suitable for those beginning a spiritual journey.

It moderates extreme emotional reactions, increasing one’s inner serenity and peace.

Rainbow Moonstone

This moonstone contains the effect of the color spectrum, created by breaking rays of light.  This stone displays a spectacular abundance of arches and sparkles in glowing colors.  They are more precious and their energetic properties more powerful.