This stone’s name comes from the French word "citron", which means lemon.
Well-known as "The Stone of Plenty”, it strengthens one’s decisiveness and encourages self-confidence. You can see it in wallets and on senior executive desks.
Citrine is relaxing and revitalizing, and especially loved by children.
Citrine helps one see life in is proper proportions, clarifies our thoughts and helps people to express themselves clearly. It is beneficial when there is a need for assertiveness, such as when requesting a raise in pay. It is good for dealing with concentration problems in children, and for people facing an audience, as it strengthens the clarity of thought and memory; and it is recommended to hold the citrine while studying for an exam.
Citrine is also the best stone for treating urinary tract infections and indigestion. It often provides immediate relief in cases of diarrhea and constipation.