First discovered in the 18th century, its original name was "LilaLite, but finally it was renamed "Lepidolite," from the Greek "Lepidus," meaning "scales" - an allusion to its balancing properties.

It balances polar opposites – male and female, physical and spiritual, emotional and cognitive.

It soothes who have hot tempers or nervousness, empowering their patience and tolerance. It is excellent for negotiating, and strengthens one’s inner integrity and credibility. Lepidolite emphasizes the beauty in everything, and is therefore excellent for designers and those who work with aesthetics.

It is suitable for ADHD (Add/Adhd), especially in children. It can be beneficial in cases of anorexia, as it soothes an obsession with the balance of chemicals and at the same time enables the body to be accepted.

*it is not recommended instead of treatment, but only in parallel.

It is also good for accompanying addiction withdrawal.