The name “turquoise” means "Turkish House", since this stone was brought to Europe via Turkey in the past. It is one of the most ancient stones known to man, and is considered the national stone of Iran.

Its most prominent feature is its ability to adapt itself to its user.

Shamanic Indians, Aztecs, Persians and Egyptians, often used it in spiritual rituals. Turquoise is also a sacred stone for Buddhists in Tibet.

It gives help to people whose emotional repertoire is damaged or weak. It helps its user contribute to others and to humanity.

Turquoise soothes and quiets one’s thoughts, provides a sense of harmony, reinforces the need for self-realization, and emphasizes the importance of friendship and loyalty.

It strengthens and increases the life force, eases breathing, and is suitable for asthma sufferers.it is also good for treating animals, as animals connect with it easily and enjoy its presence.