Named after the region of Andalusia in Spain, where it was first discovered.

Especially in the opaque stones, a pattern of a dark cross appears on it. This type of Andalusite is called a Chiastolite, which in Greek means cross.

The cross that appears on it is a symbol of the basic network of existence, crisscross that creates order, harmony, and balance. Provides general reinforcement and helps maintain the integrity of the aura. Her energy is heavy and dense and considered manly (Yang). Increases motivation by encouraging its user to take practical steps and not wait for them to be done for him

Despite being a stone of heavy energy, it can be used in spiritual processes. In some cases this grounding is even required.

When excess thoughts make it difficult to fall asleep, holding it may help. Excellent when the mental state is unbalanced, it is friendly and helps feel that someone is there for us. Helps in general to strengthen the skeleton. Recommended for holding or carrying after ending a disease when the physical body is still weak.