The opal is a stone that appears in nature in the entire color spectrum. The name comes from the word Opala, which means "precious stone" in Sanskrit. The origin of most quality opal stones is from Australia. In ancient times, it was believed that the god of the storm envied the beauty of the rainbow and broke it into pieces that were the opal stones

It is considered an evocative stone that enhances every trait and energetic state in every one who wears it. Increases creativity and imagination and helps overcome the darker sides of the soul. Helps release internal blockages and inhibitions, thus encouraging positive development processes.

Opal In all its colors, absorbs emotional energy and radiates it back. Therefore, it is advisable not to wear or use it when you are in a situation where emotions are negative.

Promotes cleaning of the circulatory and kidney systems and balancing insulin in the body. Good for strengthening eyesight.

Suitable for gripping during childbirth only when it comes to childbirth experienced as a positive experience.

Opal by colors:


Stimulates all Chakras and increases clarity, especially on the mental level. Echoes the fact that abundance is man's basic nature.


"Black opal", means dark opals in general. dark green, blue, etc.

Strengthens grounding and increases the ability to understand in depth different situations. Good for dizziness and balance problems. Increases channeling abilities and psychic vision. Encourages the body to reach its optimal weight.


Strengthens channeling capabilities at all levels. Encourages iron absorption in the blood and balances metabolism.


Strengthens the ability to use information transmitted through dreams and meditations. Sharpens the fact that development and changes result from choice. Strengthens the immune system. Excellent for cleansing processes of the body such as diets and fasting.


Echoes the knowledge that love strengthens and deepens the developmental path. Helps free yourself from emotional thinking patterns that are no longer suitable. Echoes energy of deep healing at all levels. Its extract is suitable for treating skin problems.


Balance yin and yang, (male and female side). Works on balance between the two halves of the brain. Enables re-programming of thinking, dissipates negative thoughts and plants positive thoughts in their place.

Opal Boulder:

Mixed with silicone iron stone.

The silica element connects with the opal iron stone and forms a beautiful and rare compound of brown stone dotted with red, blue, green and purple colors. Despite its "ground" color, it is a stone with spiritual qualities that allows connection to higher dimensions. Helps healing processes and enables strong and thorough cleaning of the aura.

Cherry Opal:

Balances the energy in the male reproductive system.

Good for menopause in women.

Water Opal:

Helps connect to the dimension of the soul through emotion and to understand the transience of physical existence versus the immortality of the soul. Promotes balance of fluid levels in the body.

Fire Boulder Opal:

Increases purity and potency along with grounding and connection to the soil. Encourages making difficult decisions. Helps cleanse the aura and maintain stability during change processes. Reinforces various aspects of prediction and channeling.

Dendritic, Dendrite opal:                                               

The term "dendritic" refers to the shape of a plant or tree that forms in stone. The word originates in the Greek language, where the word "dendron" means "tree".

 A powerful stone that affects the subconscious. Especially good for creating harmony between the physical and the ethereal body.

Black / White Opal With Fire:

There's a colorful lightning bolt in them reminiscent of fire. It directed at the nucleus of life energy and giving the necessary power to make a way of changing and utilizing human abilities. Using it may give the user courage and hope to make positive changes. Strengthens Kundalini energy, vision and nervous system.