Carnelian symbolizes the power and beauty of the planet. It is an ancient stone that is often mentioned in ancient cultures.

It expresses feminine power and energy, and is known as the Stone of Joy, since its energy creates joi de vivre.

Because of its ability to bring joy, this stone can balance tumultuous feelings of anger, hatred and jealousy. It adds vigor to lethargic people and strengthens fertility.

Carnelian helps one focus on the present and improves concentration. It is very good for people who need to face an audience.

This stone reinforces the cleansing of one’s blood and the purification of the reproductive system. It encourages the body to achieve its ideal weight. It also dissolves tension in the neck, shoulder blades and back. As it strengthens the physical body and improves endurance, it is most suitable for athletes, dancers, and those who do physical labor.