The name “kyanite” is derived from the Greek language and means blue.

This is an unconventional stone that enables innovative thought and experience that characterize the New Age. This stone does not need to be cleaned, since it does not absorb negative energies.

Kyanite is excellent for healers, mediums, and energetic therapists. It helps transfer energy from therapist to patient.

This stone strengthens logic and communicative capabilities, and thus is good for negotiation processes. That is why it's good for diplomats and ambassadors, and people whose job involves communication between countries.

Kyanite balances the thyroid gland, accelerates the fusion of bones and tissues, and renews sensation in paralyzed organs, helping patients to recover from  stroke and head injuries.

Green Kyanite:

This stone is used as an "energetic truth machine", as it helps an individual to understand whether information he has received is real or false.

Black Kyanite:

This stone is not well known, and those who connect to it do so precisely. It is used for protection and grounding, and helps to mediate in cases of serious disconnection and severe feelings of animosity.