This is a powerful and ancient stone, but its current name was given to it in the early 18th century, by Dutch people who brought it to Europe and called it "Tormalie"  - which means “stone with mixed colors” in Sri Lankan.

Tourmaline accelerates processes of awareness, and serves as a conduit for transmitting high spiritual information.

The black tourmaline creates a strong protective energy around its user. It helps one cope with a break-up or with other sources of pain. Its prolonged use may reinforce the abundant personal charm and glamour of the individual.

Black Tourmaline, Sheurel

This stone is best suited for energetic protection. It is beneficial in situations where a person is attacked by the "evil eye," negative energy purposely sent to them from outside.

Green Tourmaline, Vertleit

This stone creates high healing energy. It is good in situations of physical injury, and excellent for treating fatigue and exhaustion. It strengthens the nervous system, and is the quintessential stone of abundance.

Red/Pink Tourmaline, Rubilite

Rubilite inspires enthusiasm and joi de vivre. It can go enter the heart chakra and cleanse it of hard feelings. It helps in healing emotional wounds of the past, enabling one to trust love once again.

Blue tourmaline, indicolite

This rare stone is best for maintaining balance in the thyroid, the  respiratory system, and the thymus gland, and for treating ear-nose-throat problems.

Indicolite strengthens communication abilities and is suitable for people who work with their voices, such as singers, actors and announcers.

Brown Tourmaline, Dravid (Tourmaline Champaign)

This provides protection gentle grounding for those who are meditating.

Yellow/Golden Tourmaline

This stone balances the digestive system, liver, kidneys and bladder, and strengthens self-confidence and assertiveness.

Transparent Tourmaline, Achroite

Achroite strongly affects the crown chakra. It is used by people who practice healing and teaching spiritual professions.

Bi-color, tricolor and multicolor tourmaline

These are perceived as stones that have symbolic significance, representing the possibility of many nations, races and people living together in harmony.

Watermelon tourmaline

This healing stone contains a simultaneously stimulating and soothing frequency. It helps us to understand that receiving and giving are two sides of the same thing, and that the essence of existence is love. It also helps enhance the sense of humor, especially in those who take life very seriously.