Discovered in the Dominican Republic in 1974.
This gem's name is a combination of its discoverer's daughter's name,Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, mar, beause it looks like a lagoon in the Caribbean Sea.
It balances the restlessness that results from radical changes, and is therefore excellent for use in our times.
Larimar is good for accompanying processes of self-fulfillment, as it strengthens inner peace and increases one's inspiration.
Helps us comunicate with animals, and is therefore recommended for veterinarians, zoologists and volunteers who work with animals.
Helps us to be precise in communication and connection to others, strengthening our relationships.
Can soothe unbridled anger, passion and lust.
When place on the body, it balances and redirects excess energies to where the body needs them.
Great for work-strained muscles and stress relief.