Eilat Stone is a type of Malachite-Chrysocolla

It is unique in that the only place where it has been found to date is in the Timna region of southern Israel. To date, the known mines have been depleted.

Eilat stone is a classic stone of balance and has grounding ability. It reinforces visual ability. It also contains the frequency of "Israel", a unique frequency that connects one to ancient and rooted information in the soil. It may bring to mind historic memories of tribes and nations that once lived in the region.

Eilat stone is a reminder of the transience of the body and the material from which the planet is made, and may symbolize the homecoming of any person wherever he may be.

It makes one’s sleep experience more relaxed, and it is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia.

Can soothe one at times of flooded emotions.

It helps in detoxification from the body. During childbirth, it can ease contraction pains and help the birthing mother connect to the birth experience.