The name “calcite” comes from the word "calcium," the main material from which it is composed.

Calcite aids processes of change by ridding oneself of beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve him.

Placing it on a painful place can ease the pain, especially in cases of joint pain, cartilage problems, fractures and swelling. It is excellent for arthritis, and as a cooling stone, is suitable for treating infections, fever and burns.

It is recommended for people who treat skeletal problems such as physiotherapists, physiotherapists, and Alexander method therapists.

Calcite features by color:
Green : best suited for skeletal problems - with joints, bones and cartilage..

Blue calcite: helps interpret symbols in meditations and dreams, and may help remember dreams.

Opaque pink calcite, Mangano calcite : works on the heart, helps one to open up emotionally and connects self-love with the love that reaches out to external things.

Pink calcite: enables looking into one’s heart to help one’s emotional development.

Yellow calcite: helps raise low self-worth. It is also helpful in dealing with cases of nausea.

Orange calcite: energetically addresses issues of sexuality and creation. It encourages changes related to fertility, sexuality and sensuality.

Honey-colored calcite: used to help with gastrointestinal problems as a result of difficult life changes.

Transparent-white rhombus calcite: when asking questions of the higher self in meditation, it can help one can receive answers from the higher parts of his awareness.

Onyx-marble: not real onyx, but rather calcite mixed with aragonite. This stone is particularly suitable for those experiencing difficulties and storms of emotion during times of significant change.